Some words from our founder, Samara Nilsson

About two years ago, I got turned down from my dream job (think an A-Grade celebrity client!), because my hair skills were just not sharp enough. 

I was devastated. 

Things were going great in my career and I was winning some incredible jobs, but when it came to hairstyling, I was hitting a bottleneck. 

Sure, I could work a curler, put together an up-style, but there was so much I did not know and that was both mentally and physically blocking me from taking my career to the next level.

I tried to book someone to help me upskill, but I needed a structured modern training option and Brisbane just didn’t have something at that time that was fast and also fit my budget. 

The more I looked into it, I discovered that there is a national skills shortage on hairdressers as a whole. The metaphorical penny dropped – there was a unique opportunity for makeup artists to enter the market as hairstylists and start really generating some income. 

I started to notice that some of the busiest, most successful beauty professionals had a diverse skill set – hairdressers that could do makeup, beauty therapists turned makeup artists, photographers that could glam their clients, makeup artists that were confident at hair. The list goes on, but being talented in more fields of the industry definitely provided a competitive edge for these freelancers to have their creative prospects the key source of their income and ditch their ‘day’ jobs. 

Fast forward almost three years, The Beauty School was designed and taken to market, showing that some of life’s greatest achievements can be birthed from some of life’s greatest lessons. 

The Beauty School is aimed at current beauty and creative professionals to add another revenue stream to their business FAST. Our goal is to get our students confident, so they can deliver a better service to their clients, make some money and of course never miss out on an opportunity like I did. 

I am so excited to share my vision and create some of the industry’s most talented artists here in Brisbane.