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FREE Corporate + Creative Training Available to Level Up your Marketing + Business Model

From Facebook Advertising, Financial Resilience to Mindset and Body Art Training, there are some incredible FREE resources available

Whilst socially isolated, some of us have spent the time learning new talents, others have spent the time in quiet solitude or connecting with family and a small percentage have spent the time day drinking whilst tenaciously learning Tic Tok dances off teenagers (the writer has definitely indulged in the latter).

This period of pause has offered hair and beauty business owners the opportunity to reflect and assess where there are some gaps in our skillsets and where our business models need a refresh.

The term ‘don’t waste a pandemic’ has been thrown around the offices of The Beauty School a lot lately and really resonated with our team. We started to look into ways we could upskill and into what training was available - that was cost effective and accessible from home. To our shock, we found some incredible FREE resources available, being delivered by accredited trainers that provide incredible value to business owners.

Now is as good a time as any to take action and get learning! Here are five valuable resources, available to business owners right now, that you could use to leverage your business:

1. Learn Facebook Advertising

Learn new marketing skills! Facebook want you to be confident and successful when using their advertising products (hint: so your business is more inclined to using their services - win:win for them). In turn, they have developed comprehensive learning resources, some of which are certified, for you to complete in your own time.

Check out some of their courses here.

2. Study literally ANYTING with Lynda!

Lynda is constantly growing library housing over 1,400 world class courses. I first encountered this program whilst stying advertising at university and you can learn anything from content marketing, photography, editing in Adobe, graphic design, business management, leadership skills – Lynda has a whole host of courses available to professionals at any stage of their career.

Purchased privately, it costs an absolutely fortune, however the Queensland State Library have access to it available to it for FREE when you sign up to become a library member!!

Login for access to this incredible resource here.

3. Launch a New Business with NEIS

Are you looking to reboot your business entirely? The NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) Program might just be for you, on top of receiving 39 weeks of financial support (only to eligible businesses), you receive a mentor and the training for a Certificate 3 in Small Business Management.

To find out more on the NEIS program, click here.

4. Get creative and learn body art with Becca Gilmartin

Award winning makeup artist with a flair for body painting and creativity, industry heavyweight Becca Gilmartin has generously made her highly successful Makeup Artists Retreat available for FREE download.

With a focus on a healthy mindset whilst learning painting techniques, this online resource could not have come at a better time.

Click here for access to her incredible Makeup Artist Retreat

5. Go back to School with Tafe Isolearn

Pending eligibility, Queensland Tafe is providing certified courses on a range of topics relevant to any beauty business owner, from financial resilience to digital literacy, there are a variety of online mini-courses available.

Click here to find out more.

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