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Get inspired + Create Income with these Skeleton Halloween Makeup Tutorials

For some makeup artists, Halloween time is the equivalent to Christmas, it’s a time when we can be creative AND get paid for it, talk about win/win!

Hair and Makeup by The Beauty School Makeup Trainer Samara Nilsson Photography: Brendan Grimley

Being in a position to deliver incredible fantasy style makeup, having confidence when playing with colour, a steady hand drawing linework and the ability to create jaw dropping 3D shading is one way to delight your clients.

Artists who can master Halloween style makeup can charge between 30% - 50% more for their services, pending the time commitment and detail required.

Looking for inspiration? Check out some of these tutorials:

1. Use embellishments! Jordan Liberty shows us easily how to add dimension to your creation with crystals.

2. Don’t have a huge range of colours in your kit? Keep it simple, exaggerate a smokey-eye and do some linework with a gel liner alike this tutorial from YouTube creative queen Chrisspy.

3. Feeling creative and want to add some 3D dimension in your skeleton? Check out this melting sfx style skull by Desi Perkins

4. Worried about getting both sides of the face symmetrical? Or just want to add beauty elements to your sugar skull? Try a half skull face alike this creation by Stela Sequin

5. Get creative with colour! Try out this sugar skull by Michele Phan

Interested in learning how to create your own Halloween and sugar skull creations and then shooting the content?

Halloween Makeup is an included training day in our 8 Week Makeup Course.

You can also attend the day singularly, email for information on our next Halloween workshop day.

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