• Samara Nilsson

How Male Grooming was our Golden Ticket to the 2019 Logies

Forget the Gold Logie, I am all about the Gold Crew Pass!

Being booked to look after the main international talent, American boyband Why Don’t We, for the Logies and all their Australian media appearances has to be one of my favourite experiences in my career to date.

Being able to confidently deliver male grooming services put me in a great position to be referred for the job.

If you are not up to date with what the kids are into today, Why Don’t We have burst onto the international scene and have a huge fan following. With their catchy lyrics and -lets-be-honest- boyish good looks, it is not hard to see why.

Male grooming is not something that was never trained to me, I am predominately self-taught and also reach out to other artists as mentors (btw – if you want to learn male hairstyling, skip this headache and come to our Rapid Hairstyling Course), however I have had a lot of opportunities to perfect over the years.

I started looking after bands early in my career that were launching themselves on JJJ unearthed (and charging absolute peanuts for my time and services! I guess we all have to start somewhere!).

From there, I have done editorial male grooming for magazines, crewed for television shows looking after gents (some fun ones include Embarrassing Bodies and The Bachelorette) and of course, groomed the odd-occasional husband-to-be that had gotten a little booze-happy the night before his big day.

Why Don't We at the 2019 TV Week Logies. Male Grooming by Samara Nilsson and her Assistant Maria G

If you are looking to get into male grooming, here are some of my top tips:

  1. Pre-job-prep. In preparation for this job, I went and looked at each band members’ Instagram to get a feel for their personal style, I then looked at past press appearances and photoshoots to see how other hair and makeup artists were grooming them.

  2. Get confident with a hairdryer. Either come to our Rapid Hair Course or book a barber to give you the 101 on male hair styling

  3. Amazing hair products. Have a few waxes/gels/sprays/powders in your kit that are incredible.

  4. Less is more. Unless the brief says so, the gent should not look like he is wearing any makeup, it should just even his complexion and cover any blemishes, shaving rashes, eye bags, etc.

  5. Skin prep. Invest in an amazing pore perfecting primer.

  6. Seamless foundation match. Note, male skin generally is darker than females. I always end up using my darker foundations and concealers.

  7. No SPF. Use a translucent or banana powder for shine that has NO SPF for flashback. You can see from the video below that there are A LOT of cameras pointing at the boys. Double-triple-quadrupole- check that your foundations and powders do not contain SPF.

Male grooming is an often-overlooked niche skill set, however being proficient at it provided me with a gateway to looking after the major international talent at the 2019 TV Week Logies.

Which is exactly why I created The Beauty School, to give other makeup, hair, beauty and creative professionals the opportunity to refine their skillsets.

If you want to learn how to style male hair with our incredible trainer Nadine Johns-Alcock, please come along to our eight week Rapid Hairstyling Course.

Because honestly, when you get the call with the opportunity of a lifetime you want to be ready to say a big YES.

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