• Samara Nilsson

How to Get your Hair + Beauty Editorials Published!

Did you know, you could have your hair, makeup and fashion editorial work published right now?

If you are freelancing in the creative space, getting your work published is an amazing way to get industry recognition and leverage your business.

It is no secret that I am editorial beauty obsessed. High-end glossy images are what got me interested in working in the makeup industry in the first place. I have designed hair, makeup and nail for editorials that have been published both nationally and internationally.

Beauty and Fashion Editorials with Hair, Makeup + Nail by Samara Nilsson, Head Trainer The Beauty School

Having my work published has played an instrumental role in keeping work consistent. Also, it is a really amazing feeling to hold a magazine that has your work in it in your hands and an even better feeling to share it with your clients and colleagues.

Best of all, you do not need to be famous, nor do you need to pay large sums of money, all you need to do is create a high-quality hair or makeup editorial.

Here are my top tips to make your editorial publication friendly:

1. Think out your editorial

What story are you trying to tell? What are your key features? Have you thought about camera angles? Lighting? Amazing editorials are more than just incredible makeup, make sure you do some planning before shooting your images, having a clear direction and level head on set will save you time and ensure great end result images.

2. Make sure your editorial story matches aesthetic of the publication you will be submitting to

Research where you would like to have your work published and submit something you think would appeal to the readership. For example, the kind of work you would submit to Laud Magazine would greatly differ from a Dark Beauty Magazine publication.

3. Get a talented team!

The creatives you work will set the standard of the entire shoot, you are only as strong as your weakest link.

4. Do not share on social mediaany images of the shoot before it is published

For exclusivity, magazines and online publications will only publish images that have not yet appeared anywhere else online.

5. Read and follow the guidelines the magazine perscribe

Do not make your work easy to ignore because you did not follow the rules.

6. Make sure you have permission

Ensure that you have all your model and creative release forms signed off. Although you may have coordinated the shoot, you still are only one component of a team. If you model is with an agency be sure to let them know before sending off to have work published.

7. Submit an even number of low-resolution images

Most magazines will want images from the same story either side of the pages. Six to eight images are usually the maximum amount that publications accept, do not go overboard and submit too many.

8. Be patient

Do not expect an immediate reply. Magazines get LOTS of submissions, they do not publish everyone and sometimes do not have the time to get back to ever submission.

9. DO NOT pay!

DO NOT fall into the ‘pay $$ and get your work published’ rabbit hole – it is a scam!

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