• Samara Nilsson

Using Fashion Shows to Propel your Career Forward

Does your beauty or hair business need a massive PR boost?

Working in fashion shows is a great way to network with other creative professionals (it is where bulk designers, photographers, media, models, agents, other artists hang out!), create some incredible content and ensure future work in your business off those relationships made.

They are also a TONNE of fun and an excellent way to test your skill set and how fast you can create quality work.

Which is exactly why The Beauty School have brokered a partnership with Brisbane based fashion show Designer Q.

Expectations working at Fashion events

Firstly, get prepared to work fast!

As a general rule of thumb, if the fashion show is a sponsored event, artists and hairstylists just need to turn up with their tools and brushes, products are generally provided and pending the event, artists can use the show to network and leverage business.

Before getting involved in a sponsored event, ask yourself –Does your business need the extra attention boost? and What you are going to do to make the time commitment worth while? – i.e. come with a positive attitude, research who will be attending that might be a great industry connection and have business cards printed, etc.

If it is a paid commercial show, and artists are working under the umbrella of another company, hourly/ day rates are usually paid and it is inappropriate to be promoting your own business, when in essence your client is the company who you are working for at the event. You still get to create the content and get the street cred, it is just not respectful to be pushing self-promotion.

Interested in being cast in the makeup and hair team for Designer Q?

Because The Beauty School is genuinely invested ensuring the success of our student’s careers, we offer all students, past and present, the opportunity to be cast in the Designer Q Fashion Show.

We are currently taking enrolments for our next makeup and hair courses, these courses will leave students with RUNWAY READY makeup and hairstyling skills and all students are the first to be cast in the 2020 Makeup and Hair Teams.

These events provide hair and makeup artists with the networking opportunity to promote their businesses through networking with other industry professionals: be that designers, photographers, models, the media and other business owners.

This year’s event will be a fashion festival over two days on 5 and 6 September, celebrating fashion, beauty and creative industries in Brisbane.

If you want to know more about how to be involved in this event or how working in a fashion show environment can forward your career, please contact

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